Read First

For everyone traveling with us to Israel: Read This First

How can I tell if this is the trip for me?

Basically, there are two ways to travel in Israel with a group:

The Israel Tour:

The most conventional way to see Israel is to join a traditional tour. This form of travel is best suited for the individual (or family) who needs everything to be predictable: following exactly the planned itinerary without any potential deviations; accommodations similar to those in one’s home country; not visiting of the “West Bank”. On a traditional tour, the focus is on visiting sites.

The Israel Experience:

The most memorable way to see Israel is to join one of our Israel Experiences. Although we fulfill the stated itinerary, we are also free to add to, and/or rearrange, the daily itinerary to allow our participants the maximum set of experiences possible during their stay in the Land. Our accommodations put us close to the land, the people, and the sites we most want to visit. Although we visit all the traditional, authentic, biblical sites, we do much more. Our days are not as predictable as a traditional tour; instead, they are fascinating, thought provoking, and extraordinary. We do visit the “West Bank” because failing to do so means one would miss where nearly 85% of all biblical history took place. On our Israel Experiences, the focus is not only on visiting sites, but also on getting to know the people of Israel, as well as understanding biblical truths and current Middle Eastern issues. Ask anyone who has traveled with and let them tell you their own, amazing stories of having experienced Israel with us…

Whichever one of our businesses you are using, Homeschool Travel or Experiencing Israel, we are glad you are traveling with us!

The various pages on this site are to help you prepare yourself and/or your family for your time in Israel. There are lots of practical tips and suggestions, so look at each page and decide just how much preparation you want!

Admittedly, the pages contain a lot of information and you will not want (or need) to cover everything. However, over the many years we have been taking people to Israel, we have found that different individuals & families want different kinds of information and different amounts of information.

So, use what you need and ignore the rest…

The most important page is the “General Information” page. Everyone needs to read this page. And, maybe read it again right before leaving for Israel. Other pages contain specific details covering everything from a brief biography of King Herod to how to assign high school credit to your homeschooled student (even if he or she is not yet in high school).

Feel free to leave me your comments on these pages. That will help me know ways I can make this information more meaningful for your time in Israel.

Until we meet in the Promised Land,


Chris Davis


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