About Us

“Us” is Chris Davis and Danny & Judy Kransdorf.

I, Chris, am the father of four grown children. One of them, my youngest son, Blake, has been to Israel many times. I homeschooled my three sons throughout their entire schooling experience. I also founded The Elijah Company in 1988, one of the first Christian homeschool supply companies.

Since 2002, I have been taking families to Israel annually through my companies, Experiencing Israel and Homeschool Travel and many have used these companies to bring groups of their own. The main reason I chose Danny and Judy Kransdorf as my Tour Operators is that they are able to do what families want: Create an Experience that families will never forget. We believe we have accomplished this and we have the Experiences to prove it!

We, Danny and Judy are the parents of two sons. When we moved to Israel in 1997 we noticed that tour companies were bringing people to Israel to see the “normal” tourist sites; but were bypassing the areas where most of Israel’s biblical history took place: the “heartland” of the country. We began a tour company to resolve this oversight. When we began working with Chris, arranging travel for Christians, we soon realized that those who knew Chris were not normal tourists. These families want Experiences, not just tourism.

In 2008 I began working with Diesenhaus Unitours to bring the added influence of Israel’s largest travel agency to our Homeschool Travel experiences.

Chris, Judy and Danny believe we have proven over and over again that Israel cannot be experienced any better!

Why We Are Different

Basically, the difference between us and any “tour” you might take is that we know families! We have spent years (and many previous trips to Israel) perfecting the Experience of a Lifetime for families and individuals. If you read the Testimonials page on our website, you will see what others have said about their own Experiences. And, we ask you to go to the References section of the same website where you are urged to contact any of the families who have asked to have their names placed right on the website page so anyone considering traveling with us may contact them as a reference. They LOVE to tell others of what they experienced with us!

Homeschool Travel & Experiencing Israel


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