Importance of Prayer

Dear Travelers,

Jews are fond of saying that one does not come to Israel unless he or she has been invited by God, Himself.

So, why does God invite someone to His land?

The answer is usually that there is a higher reason for His invitation than simply taking a “tour”. It has been my experience that God will do a work in every individual and family, and being in His Land simply facilitates that work.

In the past, some members of our groups have recently experienced the loss of a spouse or parent, have been divorced or have needed physical or relational healing. In His Land, God challenges some, heals others, and produces life-long friendships for many.

After years of taking groups to Israel, one thing has become clear: groups who pray for one another before they gather in Israel have a different experience than those who don’t.

Therefore, I am making an important request: that each family, individual or couple taking this trip send a picture to the other families, individuals, or couples in your group and include the names of each person in the picture and the ages of the young people.

Even though you may not yet know those with whom you will be spending an intimate time together, each individual and family will have different experiences. Pray that everyone will come away from their time in the Land with exactly what the Lord is preparing for them.

And, should you look over the names and sense that the Lord wants you to pray about something specific for an individual or family, I encourage you to do so, even if you don’t know why the specific issue comes to your mind.


Chris Davis



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