Final Checklist

Checklist for Travel to Israel (You may not need everything on this list):


_____Airline tickets


_____Talcum/baby powder

_____Modest bathing suit

_____Camera, regular

_____Camera, waterproof (if itinerary calls for rafting and/or snorkeling)

_____220-240 electric plug adaptor (if taking appliances)


_____Immodium &/or motion sickness medicine; personal meds

_____Journal/pen or pencil

_____Laundry soap, clothesline/clothespins, sink stopper

_____Luggage tags for each suitcase

_____Personal & flight info and contact info (see below) placed inside each piece of luggage

_____Contact info (see below) left with family/friends; copy of picture page of passport left with family/friends


_____Security pouch/fanny pack

_____Small flashlight

_____Small umbrella/poncho


_____2-3 Zip-lock baggies

_____Trip cancellation/medical insurance, if desired

_____Re-read “General Information” Page

_____Let it be known if you desire to be baptized, or baptize a family member, in the Jordan River

Israel Contact Numbers in Case of Emergency:

  • Danny Kransdorf is our Tour Director. His toll-free home phone from the US: 1-866-978-6414 (this number rings his home phone in Israel).
  • Danny’s Israel address is: Ma’ale Levona, D.N. Ephraim, ISRAEL
  • Danny’s Israel home phone from within Israel: 02-994-2803.
  • Danny’s Israel cell phone from within Israel: 050-579-5790.
  • Chris’s Israel cell phone from within Israel: 052-887-9045.

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